You’re working hard every day, pushing chapters out one after the other. The word count is breezing by, accumulating with every hour, and nothing seems to be stopping you. You’re absolutely determined on getting your book finished and having it published. But, don’t get too carried away. There are three things you watch out for when writing your next page.

1. Skimping on Research

If your book includes loads of details and facts, it is crucial to ensure that everything stated inside is correct and relevant. There is nothing more embarrassing than having readers complain about iffy figures or dates in your book after it’s been published. Double- and triple-check your work to ensure this never happens to you.

2. Lack of Depth

Your personal deadline might be coming head on and there are still a few chapters you have yet to start on. In hopes of completing everything on time, you might decide to take shortcuts, writing less than needed and leaving out details just to speed up the process. Choosing quantity over quality should never be done. Readers might require the information that you’re cutting out. Instead, take a step back and consider if what you’re leaving out is truly as unimportant as you think.

3. Editing disaster

You just wrote your last sentence. You’ve finished your book. And now you don’t want anything to do with it because you’re sick and tired of working on it day after day, night after night. But don’t run away just yet! Many authors make this mistake of not properly editing their work. This poor decision can lead to a bad reputation, less credibility, and sometimes, mockery.  If you’re exhausted from your book, take a break, and congratulate yourself for finishing. After you’re well rested, set some time during your day to go back and edit with a critical eye.