If you’re going the route of self-publishing then you are probably pretty excited to launch your book and get it into as many hands as possible! The challenge is that most authors are NOT marketers!


We’ve compiled a brief checklist of 9 Must-Have Book Marketing Strategies to consider before launching your book.

  1. Goals and Objectives – The best place to start with any marketing plan is to figure out what your vision is and how you will measure the success of your plan.
  2. Timing – When and how you launch your book will affect the outcome of sales and future sales. Before picking your launch date, it’s important to plot out a timeline of events in order to make everything happen to optimize your launch.
  3. Sales – A launch promotion will enhance visibility and awareness of your book, ideally combined with a digital sales strategy and a print strategy that work together.
  4. Pre-Launch – There are ways to build hype before the book launches to optimize your sales efforts so considering a pre-launch strategy is just as important as your launch strategy.
  5. Reviews – Often authors print out galley copies to send to reviewers before launch so they can include their reviews on the exterior of the book and in future promotions to enhance sales and highlight the quality of the book.
  6. Press Releases – There are some standard press releases you can prepare in order to build awareness of your book and enhance future sales.
  7. Live Events – You may consider doing a book launch, readings and book signings and/or virtual book clubs and promotions. Often book stores must be contacted months in advance to make a tour run smoothly and successfully. Once booked, you then must put together a promotion plan to make sure people show up!
  8. Social Media Presence – Your community will help you find success during your book launch and in securing future sales for your book. Building your engagement with your community will support your launch efforts and future sales.
  9. Media Relations – There are ways for you to make it easy for the press to cover your launch, interview you about your book and give you free exposure – but it takes a plan and you must be prepared.


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