You might think that the term ‘galley’ is simply a boating term, but you don’t have to grab an oar to launch yourself towards success in your writing career. A galley copy of your book is a copy intended to give away for free. Galley copies are also known as ‘advanced reader copies’. They offer a sample of your work, which you strategically hand out to publishing buffs and industry insiders in order to create buzz around your book.


Galley copies are meant to drum up excitement for your content, and as such they need to be published well in advance of your release date. The idea is not to strive for perfection; your editing may not even be finished when these copies are produced. That’s not the point. The point is to look past what is lacking in layout and see what you have to offer.


Sending out Advanced Reader Copies is a way for your name to get into the public eye in the way of online reviews and other avenues. You’re looking for well connected people who will amplify your talent to their audience through social media or other communities. These insiders will expect to see spelling mistakes or unfinished cover art, but you will have to mark these copies with specific Galley text such as, “Not for Sale” or “Uncorrected Proof”.


It may seem overwhelming to put effort into ensuring your advanced copies go out early enough, but consider this as a vital part of your marketing plan. With each review or tweet that goes out in advance of your publication date, you’re boosting your marketing efforts and working towards the success of your book. Even if you’re only planning to electronically publish your book, it’s important to print a limited number of copies for this same reason.


A Galley copy of your book is an extremely important part of premarketing your book. As with anything else, you’ll want to be sure that you have a publisher in your pocket that you trust to create your Advanced Reader Copy.


Galley copies can included as part of some of our print packages. Make sure to ask Doris about this and other promotional initiatives by booking a complimentary consultation.