Oftentimes I’m asked what materials I’ll need before a project is submitted to me for design and printing. When it comes to printing and publishing material, there are some aspects of the job that are particularly important. If you’re getting ready to submit your publication for printing or design, please look over these frequently asked questions about what I may need before your project begins.

Style Guide

A Style Guide is a widely used design tool that ensures a set of standards in the design of documents. A style guide is generally created in order to be used across a great deal of documents, allowing publications by one author or company to follow the same overall typography or graphic design. This ensures that your visual aspects are clean across the board. Your custom style-guide will allow me the ability to publish your piece in such a way that your design follows along with past or future publications.

Colour Scheme

A colour scheme is an important part of your overall design, used to create a unique feeling or appeal to your project. Colour schemes are generally comprised of different shades of one colour, but can also include mixtures of colours in combination. These schemes are sometimes referred to in marketing as a trade dress, but essentially they are the same by definition. In effect, they’re a branded set of colours that lends power to your design as a business. Your colour scheme will likely be used in many aspects of your marketing, including your stationary and social media outreach. Using a colour scheme in these ways allows your brand to become easily recognizable throughout your marketing efforts.

Photos, logos and graphics

Your logo and graphic materials are an important part of publishing. These visual aids lend much to the design process and should be submitted in the highest available resolution to ensure quality in your printed materials.

Design Ideas

Before we get started, it is always a great idea to compile a list of a few designs that you like, which aspects of the designs appeal to you, and which aspects you’d rather not see. It can be very useful to do some design research before we get started so that we can be on the same starting page when we begin your project.