Writing is a form of expression that requires more heartfelt effort than possibly any other craft. Regardless of who you are and what your subject matter is, a writer will consistently be striving to become a better, more dedicated person of prose. If you’ve found yourself wishing that you could be a better, more dedicated writer, these tips may help you find your feet and your success.

Write From a Place of Passion and Honesty

Writing isn’t something that pays notoriously well. It’s not a job that people go into because it’s easy money; rather, writing serves to unlock the secrets of the soul and share them with our reader. Audiences know whether or not a writer feels the fire of passion in their belly, because through the written word that passion and truth comes through in obvious ways. Many writing groups and experts alike suggest that your written word “bleeds in the first line”. If you don’t feel anything from your words; if publishing your piece isn’t scary or overwhelming, it just isn’t raw enough. Find your passion and truth and write from that.

Write Daily

Whether you’re writing a single word that will end up in your final draft or not, write every single day. Being a writer is a lot like being fit; it’s harder when you don’t do it consistently. Set aside a certain amount of time every day and spend that time writing, distraction free.

Read Daily

There is something about reading great (or even terrible) writing that can inspire your own movement. Every day, before you sit down to write, read for an hour. This feeds your brain and expands your horizon. It opens you up to the world in a way that no other activity can. Reading, as a writer, is one of your secret weapons.

Live in the Counter-intuitive

Publish the things that terrify you. Say the words that you are afraid to say. Upset people. Make your audience laugh and cry. Bring them to the edge of their emotions by living on the edge of yours. And don’t be afraid to take risks in your writing.


Your first draft is always, and will always be terrible. Never publish anything that isn’t edited completely, multiple times. Your readers are spending precious time out of their day on your words. You owe it to them to produce the best version of yourself that you can.