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The Pros and Cons of Translating your book

Depending on the genre of your book, you might consider whether it’s worthwhile getting it translated into another language and therefore exposing it to a potentially much bigger audience. The world is changing rapidly and what might be a relatively small market today can grow in leaps and bounds in just a few years or even less. If you think your book has global appeal and you are contemplating taking it up a level linguistically, the following points might be helpful:READ MORE


What’s in a name? Should non-fiction authors use pen names?

Pen names (or ‘nom de plume’ as they were originally known) continue to be a popular device in a writer’s toolbox. Authors may choose to use one to create a more original, memorable name which they hope may attract greater interest in their book. Alternatively they may use a pen name in order to protect anonymity. They are typically, and almost exclusively, used by writers of fiction.READ MORE


Top Reasons to Outsource Your Editing

When it comes to publishing your work, there are some places where you may already be planning to outsource before you send your book to the presses. You may already know that your layout, graphic design and advertising would be best left to professionals, but what about editing? Many writers make the mistake of cutting costs on editing by having friends and family look over their book instead of hiring an actual editor take a swing at it. Here are some reasons why outsourcing an editor is one cost that you don’t want to skip out on.