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Six Surefire Ways for You to Write More

I have a confession to make. I love figuring out ways to squeeze more writing time into my day. Like everybody else I know, I’m very busy and so organizing my time to get more done—especially when it comes to writing—is worth every effort. 1) Stop checking email...

5 Concrete Ways to Curate Your About Page

  As a writing coach and mentor to entrepreneurs and creatives, I’ve learned that most people would rather be stuck in a snowstorm than write content for their website—especially if it’s about themselves. “I’m a really bad writer,” or “I really hate writing about...

How to Self-Publish

As a writer, you may have started shipping your finished book around to publishers on your own or through an agent. You may have received more than one nicely written form rejection. Perhaps you’ve never tried to get your book published, and instead just want to try...

The Differences Between Print and E-Books

There is no denying that publishing is changing. No matter what your niche, you already know that publishing a book is easier than ever before. Unfortunately that means that making money on your publications is harder than it’s ever been. There is so much to consider in the world of publishing, it can be hard to decide what the right option is for your book and your writing career. Have you been wondering about the differences between e-publishing and print publishing? In this post, I aim to explain the most important differences in these two very popular approaches to publishing written works.

We’re LIVE! Our new site is here!

It's happened! We've finally launched our new site - and we're super excited to keep up the momentum! We want to support our community of experts, authors and industry contacts with helpful insights, tips and resources for their self-publishing needs. Make sure you...

Visit us at Blissdom!

Publisher PS will be at Blissdom 2014 as a returning sponsor this year for this 3-day event based in Mississauga, Ontario. You can learn more about Blissdom on their website. Tickets are still available as well as one-day...

Finding the Right Editor

When you’re publishing your own book, there are some areas where you can’t afford to cut corners; editing your work is one of these places. You’ve spent unbelievable amounts of time on your book, and you want to put your best foot forward when you release it to the public.

How Does Writing Fit With My Life Goals?

Setting priorities can be very difficult for many people. As you start to really think about writing a book, it may be hard to envision where you’re going to find the time, or how writing a book is going to fit in with your bigger goals in life. One of the best ways...

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