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5 Concrete Ways to Curate Your About Page


As a writing coach and mentor to entrepreneurs and creatives, I’ve learned that most people would rather be stuck in a snowstorm than write content for their website—especially if it’s about themselves. “I’m a really bad writer,” or “I really hate writing about myself,” are just two of the things I hear small business owners routinely say. Yet, in most cases I’ve found that these statements are rarely the truth.

In other words, the person who says they’re a “really bad writer” is typically a decent writer, yet perhaps she was told as a child that she wasn’t any good, or maybe she had a language teacher in school who embarrassed her when he asked her to read a poem she’d written in front of the class.

And, what about the entrepreneur who doesn’t like writing about himself or herself?

I think that part of the reason is because it forces entrepreneurs and business owners to take a good, long look at their motivations for starting their business in the first place. No easy task!



How to Self-Publish

As a writer, you may have started shipping your finished book around to publishers on your own or through an agent. You may have received more than one nicely written form rejection. Perhaps you’ve never tried to get your book published, and instead just want to try your hand at self-publishing as a starting point. Maybe you aren’t even finished your book and you’re starting to wonder if publishing could ever be a reality. No matter the position you’re currently in, you’ve more than likely got a number of questions about where to start when it comes to self-publishing your book. Let’s look at the basic questions (and answers) that most authors have when it comes to entering the world of self-publishing.READ MORE