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The Importance of Writing a Great Introduction

Savvy marketing, a killer cover and an impressive bio are all designed to capture the interest of a writer’s target market. But once potential readers have the book in their hands then the first page or so will either lure them into reading further and buying it, or they will simply return it to the shelf. A good introduction is the hook which entices the reader to want more. It piques their interest, tells them what the book is about, and what is in it for them. A poorly written introduction is unlikely to convey the book’s message or enlighten the reader to the benefits of pursuing it.  It is like sending out the written equivalent of “blah blah blah”.  READ MORE


Should you blog as an author and what do you write about?

You’ve probably done a lot of work (or are doing it now) writing a spectacular book and getting it ready for publishing. Now, you need to market your book and get people interested in what you have to say. You should get active on social media, build your media list, and have a post card or flyer that you can send via email or hand out. But you should also start blogging. For authors, a blog acts like a bite-sized writing snack that can engage the audience and get them interested in a book before it’s even published.



Merits of Multiple Author Books

Sometime back a friend and I lightly discussed writing a book together about a shared interest. Our goal was to write about what we had learned over the years and offer our own perspectives and commentaries on it.  Although we have yet to get down to the mechanics of writing, our enthusiasm is rekindled whenever we meet and talk about it. READ MORE