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How long should your book be?

Crunching The Numbers – How Long Should Your Book Be?

Have you ever been put off a potentially good read by the length of the book? Similarly have you dismissed a much lighter offering as probably not being informative enough?  If you have, then you will appreciate the importance of getting the length of the book right. Although this might seem to be a relatively straightforward question as an authorpreneur entering the field of self-publishing there are a few things to be aware of:READ MORE

Canadian vs American English

Does Your Content Speak your language? Canadian vs. American English

I have previously written on what spell check is and is not. Now I ask, do you know if your content speaks your language and that of your audience?

American English vs. British Canada English

By being consistent with your choice of language throughout your emails, marketing material, business correspondences or book, you will keep the flow and clarity in your writing. By setting your spell and grammar check to either English-United States or English-Canada you can keep consistency in your work. Based on the following differences, your cultural and educational background and the market you most serve, I leave the decision to you.READ MORE


How to get reviews for self-published books

The value and legitimacy of advance reviews is often debated. Although in percentage terms it’s hard to assess their contribution to sales, positive reviews send powerful messages to the public and can be a catalyst for success. Good quality, appropriate endorsements provide validity, promote trust and foster desirability, which can help drive sales. Equally a controversial subject matter may result in controversial reviews which also generate interest – prompting people to read the book and see for themselves. READ MORE