When you’re writing a book, one of the most important aspects is to begin publicizing your work and building a fan base before you are published and ready to go. You may already know that social media is an excellent tool for connecting with those who may be interested in your upcoming book, but for many people, blogging is an overlooked wealth of publicity. As a promotional tool, your blog will work to establish you as a leader in your field, and as a trusted source of information on your chosen topic. Using these helpful tips, you can ensure that your blog is a great partner to your career.


Write Focused Posts

No matter what the topic of your book is, you’ll want to keep your blog focused in a similar way to attract the right kind of readers. This will work to establish your knowledge and build interest about the things that you are going to share in your book. Avoid getting off track with emotion, unless your book is based around that kind of topic. If you want to publish more personal material, work to tie these experiences into the topic that you are specializing in.

Create a Community

Building a community on your blog means taking the time to participate in message boards, meet ups and posting on other blogs. Comment on posts that you read. Get to know other writers. Contribute guest posts on blogs in a similar field. These are great ways to expand your readership.

Harvest Blog Posts

When you blog regularly, you create a wealth of content that can be used and reused later. Have you been asked to submit a guest post? Go through old pieces and rework something to submit. This is an easy way to get your name out there and deliver a consistent message.

Sharing Content

One great way to get your readers hooked on your writing is to share a chapter or two of your book on your blog for free. This serves to intrigue your audience into wanting to buy your book and to follow future posts! This is a great way to gauge interest and get feedback on your piece before it goes public, as well.

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