When it comes to intellectual property, ensuring that you’ve got a clear and concise copyright notice is always a good idea. You spend so much time and energy on your book, it’s important to ensure that you’ve clearly laid out your claim to copyright over your words, in part or in full. The copyright page, or edition notice, contains a number of things, including but not limited to the copyright notice, ISBN, current edition, year published and a cataloguing number from a national library, such as the Library of Congress.

Copyright varies from country to country, but in effect, copyright works to protect intellectual property from theft or reproduction that is unauthorized. Copyright can be applied to published or unpublished works, and generally lasts throughout your lifetime, plus 70 years. As the author of your work, you retain the exclusive right to publicly display your work, distribute copies (depending on your agreements with other parties), reproduce your work, and to produce sequel or otherwise derivative pieces thereafter. As you can see, having a copyright is beneficial in protecting your creative work in many ways.

A copyright page has to contain a few specific aspects to be considered in court in case an issue were to arise with unlicensed use of your work in part or in full. On your copyright page, you must have the Copyright symbol, represented by the lowercase letter ‘c’ contained within a circle. You must include the year that your book was first published or created, and you must list yourself as owner of the copyright. This can either be represented by your name, company or abbreviation.

Contained within the copyright page, you will also likely want to list a number of extra details. These can include your publisher and their contact information, sales information or managerial contact for inquiries regarding sales, publication data and current edition of the book, trademark notices, which rights you specifically reserve, and even a notice of environmentally friendly printing tactics that you may have employed. A copyright page is a great place to get all of these important details into your book, all at once.