Every writer has a process, whether it’s an organized process or not. We all sit down in a certain spot, or lay our posts and progress out in a particular way. Many people like to outline their entire project before they begin, while others do so in sections. Some people prefer writing in the busy bustle of a café, yet other writers find it easier to focus with soft music and a mug of warm tea. The preferences that you have to set the scene for writing are all part of your writing process, and with a little care and attention you can find the perfect recipe to create a process that you truly love.

Even if you’re the most passionate writer around, you’re going to have days where you don’t want to sit down and get started. By creating a writing process and routine that you enjoy and using it daily, you’ll begin to find that you crave your writing time. This is the road to true success in writing; finding a process that you look forward to completing every day.

Those of us who love writing, really and truly, often may feel that the written word is their life-calling enough to make it a vocation. If this is you, it means that in all likelihood, you already love to write. It does not mean that writing will always be easy for you; it means that when the writing gets tough, you’re going to do it anyway. In creating your process, you are honing your ability to discipline yourself.

Once you’ve discovered the routine that helps you get to work, find the most effective way to put this to good use. You may work best if you’ve laid out the order of your entire piece, or you may need to micromanage yourself by outline specific sections or bullet-points. Ask yourself which of your areas of expertise are the most important to share in this piece, then organize your thoughts around one central focus. You may be the kind of person who works best by creating a word-dump and editing later, or you may need to edit yourself on a paragraph by paragraph basis. When you try out new things in your writing life, you will quickly discover the methods that best work to keep you happy and creative in your work. By pinpointing the best way to reach motivation and success for you, you will begin to truly enjoy your process.

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