When you’re publishing your own book, there are some areas where you can’t afford to cut corners; editing your work is one of these places. You’ve spent unbelievable amounts of time on your book, and you want to put your best foot forward when you release it to the public. Remember that a well-edited book speaks volumes about your professionalism and your place in the publishing world.

Find Someone You Like

Hiring an editor isn’t a popularity contest, and you can’t necessarily expect to be friends with your editor, but you need to be able to work closely with them and respect their opinion. Your editor is one of the most important parts of your publishing process, and it’s so important to find someone who is genuine, professional and trustworthy. When seeking out your editor meet up for a coffee or lunch date whenever possible. Pay attention to how your potential editors talk to others and handle themselves in the real world, as this will give you an idea of how you may get along during the editing process.

Credentials and Experience

Above all things, in editing experience is crucial. Book editing is a different undertaking entirely than other forms of editing, and as such should be taken on by people with proper training and practical experience. Ask all potential editors for references, as well as educational backgrounds. This is an important step in finding the right editor for you.

Seek Testimonials and Interview References

Any professional editor should have no problem pointing you in the direction of past clients in order to let you get first hand experiences from them. Your book is your baby and you should demand the best and nothing less. Find people who have worked with your potential editors in the past, then ask them candidly about their experiences, good and bad.

Before you make your decision, ask to work through a chapter with your top three editors to see how their style matches yours. You will have to pay for these services, but don’t sign a contract until you’re absolutely sure you’ve found the right person for you

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