Writers knows that if they want their work to be impeccable, they have to take breaks to work out those creative kinks they suffer. But what happens when the break lasted far too long and now it seems daunting to leap back into writing? Here are some ways to battle those fears.


Start a new project.

Chances are you’ve probably already forgotten what you wrote in the previous week or month or even year. It’s harder to get back into the flow of things when there’s been a large gap in your writing project. With this being said, choose a random prompt or idea you’ve had your mind on and work on getting back into the groove of writing. When you feel more comfortable with writing, you can start to ease back into your previous work.

Snowball effect.

Once you push through the first sentence or paragraph,  you’re probably going to find it very hard to stop. Practise writing without inhibition, allowing words to flow from your mind onto the page. Only stop to edit once you’ve reached the end. It’s going to be hard to silence your doubts but you’ll find your word count growing and ideas piling up in no time.


Work in sprints

It’s time to pick up the slack and write. No more excuses. No more doubts. Studies show that working in short intervals with breaks in between is more effective than working for long periods of time. Set up your work schedule so that you’re alternating between 20 minutes of work, and 10 minutes of break. (Or, 40 minutes of work, and 20 minutes of break.) It might be hard at first to stay completely concentrated for 20 minutes, but once you start writing and find your beat, you’ll find writing easy in no time.


Give yourself a deadline

The number way to ensure that you finish your book is to give yourself a deadline and actually commit, sticking to it till the last sentence is exhausted from you. It can be a few months before a company function you want to attend so you can brag to potential clients you’ve recently finished a book in your field or it can be simply writing one chapter each week for the next month. Remember that discipline is key.