Once you’ve decided to self publish, it’s important to sit down and decide which aspects of your book to handle yourself, and which aspects you’d like to outsource. When it comes to self-publishing, the least expensive option is definitely to handle everything on your own. When it comes to producing a professional looking book however, inexpensive should not always be the deciding factor.

Which aspects of your book are the most important to you? What are your goals as an author? Which will set you apart from other self-published authors? You want people to read and enjoy your work. You want to make your reader become a raving fan as opposed to making them shy away from your future pieces. In this post, we take a look at some of the most commonly outsourced areas of self-published work, and what outsourcing can do for your reputation and future success.


When you write a book, you spend hours writing, reading, making notes and rewriting. You may have had your friends and family give notes and edit for you as you’ve gone along. You probably feel as though your book is very close to being ready for the presses. Even still, a copyeditor is likely to find mistakes and grammatical errors that your friends and family have missed. A professional copyeditor will also alert you to any possible copyright issues that may arise and queue your need for permissions that you may need to acquire. A professional copyeditor can make the difference between a mediocre book and a great one.

Graphic Designer

Like it or not, many people do judge a book by its cover. When you design your own cover, you will certainly save money on hiring a graphic designer, however, if you don’t have the eye for graphic design, or at least a little design experience under your belt, your book may be overlooked based solely on the way it is presented. It’s important to ensure that your cover design is easy on the eyes to give you the chance to be read and noticed in the literary community.


In a similar way to graphic design for your cover, hiring a professional typographer can be the difference between looking professional and looking mediocre. If the typography is hard to follow, it can be frustrating for your reader. Keep in mind that the last thing that you want is to have your reader thinking about the format of the book; it should flow from beginning to end, both in the writing and the layout.

Marketing Specialist

As we have said before, writing a book is half the battle – now you gotta sell it! Having a marketing specialist to guide you through online and offline marketing tactics and strategies is a good move. You can focus in on specific areas of marketing including the book launch, sales website, video trailers, launch tactics, press releases, media relations and more!

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