If you’ve ever looked at a book cover, you may know that there are some aspects to design that go beyond what looks good. The old adage is that a reader should never judge a book by its cover, but if a book is designed correctly, that’s exactly what you’ll want!


A book cover design is about more than just a pretty picture; it encompasses the overall feeling of your book and draws in readers. Your cover design will warmly invite your audience in, while your content keeps them interested.

When you’re designing your cover, you’re looking to give the reader information about your book. What genre are you serving? Does your cover easily tell your reader what to expect? Does the cover serve to drum up the appropriate emotion that is going to drive action?


If you’re writing fiction, the image on the cover of your book is extremely important. You’ll want to choose a subdued font, placed strategically so as not to distract from the imagery. You want your text to blend in with your image, letting the cover design speak for itself whenever possible.


If non-fiction is your game, the font needs to take the spotlight. Simple fonts that don’t compete with one another are the perfect thing to draw in your reader.


It’s sometimes useful to conduct a little market research and see what works for best sellers in your area of expertise. Spend time at a local library or bookstore and study the different covers that you see. What works and what doesn’t? Which designs catch your eye? Do the books that appeal to you use serif or sans-serif fonts? What do you like or dislike about book covers?


As you do this, jot down some of these answers for your consideration in designing your own cover. This will help you find the font styles that you like, and the cover features that appeal to you. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel; just work through what you can find that already does the job. Many cover designs have come before yours, and they’re great resources to find our what draws people in.


Does designing your book cover give you the wibbly-jibblies? If so, make sure you connect with our Director, Doris Chung, and she can guide you through this process, introduce you to our network of book cover designers and simplify this process for you.