There is probably nothing scarier than sitting in front of your computer or with a notebook and the stark blank page stares right back at you. You don’t really know where to start because you’re scared that however you go on about it, it doesn’t sound quite right or it’s all wrong all together. Everyone has faced this more than once in their lifetime but here’s how to lose that fear.

  1. Stick with your idea

It can be so easy to scrap the idea and give up but you’re never going to write anything if you keep giving yourself a way out. Stick with your original idea and give yourself reasonable deadlines during your writing journey to keep your head afloat.

  1. Write whatever you want

If you don’t know where to begin, just start. Write with abandon and let the words flourish onto the page just for the sake of getting something down. It might not be your best work but it’ll definitely help unchain yourself from insecurities and let the ideas flow freely.

  1. You’re first attempt is not supposed to be perfect

There is a reason why editors exist.  They’re to help with working out the kinks in your ideas and help you grow as a writer so let them take care of the rest when you’re finished writing your book. Remember that you can always go back to add or delete at your choosing.

  1. Be motivated by learning

Despite being knowledgeable in your field, there is always room for you to learn more and more as the chapters go on. Think of your book as a tool for you to gather and pool your knowledge which will ultimately help you to  excel in your work as a result.

  1. Be motivated by helping

Someone somewhere out there needs your advice and words to help guide them towards living a better life. Maintain this desire to help and it will help you write and finish your book.