As an author, you’ve got a few choices when it comes to publicizing your book. You can rack up huge bills to get your name into well-known best-sellers lists for publicity, though admittedly most of us are trying to save money or make money rather than spending it. You can also spend time creating a well-engaged social network of people who will hopefully potentially buy your book. Many authors who have become widely successful have decided to hire publicists and virtual assistants to do their social media outreach and build a community for them, but nearly everyone realizes the benefits of creating a loyal following on Social Media platforms and the way that this easily translates into sales later.

A social network is meant to be exactly that; social. The volume of numbers does little when it comes to building loyal fans; it’s all on you to do the work necessary to encourage those. You’ll hear all about creating a fan-base that seeks to engage, but be sure that you’re not overlooking your need to engage right back. Your audience can sense when you’re genuinely interested in their lives, and your personality can work to your advantage when it comes to sales.

Your social outreach should be a perfect mix of engagement and relevant marketing content. Are you going to be presenting at or in attendance at any upcoming workshops or conferences? These experiences offer the perfect  opportunity to engage and market your skills. Encourage your readers to attend and connect with you in person, both to gain expertise and to foster a personal relationship. More and more in today’s social world, these types of outreach are becoming what set successful business endeavors from those which fail; people want to experience their heroes on a human level.

Have you ever considered hosting a webinar or creating a useful infographic for your readers? What about posting a weekly or monthly video about your personal triumphs and struggles with current topics? Allowing your readers to come along with you on your journey is a really special way that authors today connect with their audiences, and it serves to create a vested interest in your content on a regular basis. But remember, it isn’t all about you! Post links to helpful or entertaining content from other writers whenever you can; this encourages others to link back to you, and it boosts your reputation as someone supportive within the creative community. Remember that your reputation is of the utmost importance when it comes to marketing your creative work.

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