| Meet Doris
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In the last few years, Publisher Production Solutions’ Founder and Creative Director, Doris Chung, has been busy. A recent nominee for the RBC Canadian Entrepreneur Award, this business owner and mother is committed to success.

Based in Toronto, Doris has been working with a number of entrepreneurs as a print consultant, helping them produce not only their books, but their business cards, marketing material, and signage as well. Her company, Publisher Production Solutions, has become a one-stop printing and self-publishing shop for authors and entrepreneurs.


Doris has combined her love for design and creation to take on the legacy of her family’s business interests and evolution over the last 20 years in the printing industry. Her willingness to learn and support their efforts has given her the hands-on knowledge required to be known as the go-to expert and print consultant she has become.


A visionary, Doris keeps creating and building innovative ways to help and serve her clientele and community.  2015 saw the launch of Doris’s inspiration for an online portal that caters to authors and entrepreneurs looking to self-publish their books.


Doris was also the driving force behind the Toronto-based event, Author Summit 2015. She co-hosted the full-day conference with workshops and speakers geared to inspire and support a community of authors, writers and entrepreneurs.


In 2013, Doris co-wrote and published You’re The Expert, Now Write the Book,and co-authored From Blog to Book with Lesley Donaldson in 2015.


A self-proclaimed tech-geek, Doris LOVES coding, design, and the visually stunning social media platforms, Pinterest and Instagram. Her love of computers and tech aside, she still manages to unplug and take time away to spend with her family and friends and refuses to work on weekends and evenings unless it’s absolutely vital. Her commitment to her work-life schedule keeps her energized, inspired and at her best.