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Are you an expert or author that wants to learn more about self-publishing? Well, look no further!



Publisher Production Solutions offers a free weekly newsletter full of writing tips, print, design and marketing advice, and insights to help YOU develop, write and produce your next (or first) book. Sign up for our free newsletter today and receive a copy of our eBook, You’re an expert, now write a book. This eBook was written with you in mind. Together, with my co-author, Nicole Breit, we developed content for this book to teach you how to turn your passion into income, expand your opportunities, and learn how to write a book. All this and much more in our latest eBook.




To help you focus on what’s important to you; we’ve divided our monthly newsletter into four topics: Print, Design, Writing, and Marketing. You can subscribe to all four, or just check the box below of the ones you’d like to receive.


– Doris Chung
(Author and President of Publisher Production Solutions)