When it comes to publishing your work, there are some places where you may already be planning to outsource before you send your book to the presses. You may already know that your layout, graphic design and advertising would be best left to professionals, but what about editing? Many writers make the mistake of cutting costs on editing by having friends and family look over their book instead of hiring an actual editor take a swing at it. Here are some reasons why outsourcing an editor is one cost that you don’t want to skip out on.

Editors Know Editing

Unlike friends and families who can check over your thirtieth draft for obvious misspellings and awkward line breaks, an editor knows editing. Editors have trained to find the things that normal people would likely miss. Don’t be surprised when the document that you hand in to your editor comes back with dozens, if not hundreds of simple things that you should have caught. That’s what the editor is for!

Freeing Up Your Time

You’ve got a lot on your plate; all writers do. Editing is something that takes a great deal of time and energy, two things that are very limited for writers! When you outsource your editing, you free up time to do other, very important things. Spend the time that you save building your social media following, or attending local book clubs and signing events. Head to a writers conference and make connections; just don’t waste any more time tied up in your own words.

Content Specialists

When selecting an editor, you can go so far as to find an expert in your particular field of writing. This is particularly helpful in factual, non-fiction or scientific pieces where a set of fresh eyes is extremely helpful. Your editor can work with you to ensure that your piece is as truthful and clear as it possibly can be, which will lead to your book being better received and respected within the community. For non-fiction pieces, especially, the quality of editing is very important.