It’s no secret that to get people to buy your book once you have published is to tell them about it. But with so much noise going on in terms of advertising, social media, entertainment, news, etc., how do you stand out without becoming part of a huge “wall of sound”?

Your goal for your marketing should be producing quality over quantity. For example, having one successful book reading where you sell 10 books is better than having 5 book readings set up where you sell 2 books each. If you are looking for quantity, you are likely just marketing for the sake of marketing. It’s just creating a lot of noise, but it’s really not getting through to your audience.

When you are developing your overall strategy, you should create opportunities to engage and connect with your audience in an authentic way. Look to get maximum results from your efforts, which means creating high quality opportunities that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Here social media and media relations are two areas where you should consider streamlining your efforts to help you keep your strategy focused and effective.

Social Media

Social media is a great example of the constant stream of noise we are subjected to on a daily basis. On Twitter, there are people that have automatic tweeting set up and they tweet a million times per day. They might have a lot of content on their profile, but the real measure of success is whether others in the Twitterverse have engaged with the content they are putting out there.

Your social media platforms are a prime opportunity to create two-way dialogue with your audience. Find out when they are online the most and engage with them at these times. It is better to have 1500 engaged followers who are interested in what you have to say and interact with your content regularly than 15000 followers that scroll past your content without a second glance.

Consider posting fewer times per day on your social channels but making it count by doing it when you audience is most active and interacting with people. Remember, social media should be social. If you have everything automated, it’s harder to make human connections.

Media & Influencers

The ultimate goal for many authors is to see their name in the media. If you have tried to get there, you likely know that it can be a tough road in terms of how much effort goes into getting results that you are happy with. With the changing media landscape, bloggers and podcasters also create an opportunity to have your latest book broadcast to their network of followers.

Rather than implement a blanket strategy where you pitch anyone who is related to authors and book reviews, why not take the time to create a list of your top choices. You might get coverage on a certain blog/outlet if they are looking for content, or maybe you paid to have a review done, but if their audience doesn’t match your ideal audience profile, then what’s the point?

Relationship building

The common thread is relationship building.  To ensure you are creating a marketing strategy that favours quality over quantity, you have to look at focusing your efforts on getting to know your audience and letting them get to know you as an author.

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Candace Huntly is the founder and Principal of SongBird Marketing Communications, a Toronto-based boutique firm that works with clients to take their strategy and brand to the next level. She is an expert at telling brand stories and getting them shared through the right channels. She is conducting one of the workshops at Author Summit 2015, PR for Authors.