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Looking for tips and tricks on writing? These guides are sure to help get your words flowing.


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5 Steps To An Effective Book Review Strategy

Reviews. Everyone wants them, but they don’t always seem to have the biggest effect on a book marketing campaign. One of the issues is that not all book review strategies are set up for success. Here are five steps to follow to ensure you run a successful book review...

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The Pros and Cons of Translating your book

Depending on the genre of your book, you might consider whether it’s worthwhile getting it translated into another language and therefore exposing it to a potentially much bigger audience. The world is changing rapidly and what might be a relatively small market today...

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What’s in a name? Should non-fiction authors use pen names?

Pen names (or ‘nom de plume’ as they were originally known) continue to be a popular device in a writer’s toolbox. Authors may choose to use one to create a more original, memorable name which they hope may attract greater interest in their book. Alternatively they...

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Reality Check: How to Manage Your Expectations

The dreamer in you may already have started to imagine a single digit place on the NY Times best seller list or a book signing where security guards have to be brought in to manage the crowds. If these thoughts are filling your head, you may want to take a step back...

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Top Reasons to Outsource Your Editing

When it comes to publishing your work, there are some places where you may already be planning to outsource before you send your book to the presses. You may already know that your layout, graphic design and advertising would be best left to...

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Why use a tagline?

Together with the title and cover, good taglines can in seconds influence a potential reader to pick up your book or click on its image. So if a few short words can help sell your book then it’s well worth spending time and effort to come up with a good tagline.  ...

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Are You Ready To Start Your Marketing & PR Strategy?

I don’t have to tell you that marketing and Public Relations (AKA PR) can make or break your book launch (and long-term sales). If you’re not actively trying to connect with your target audience in meaningful ways, then it will be hard for you to grow your fan base....

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Writing For Your Audience

Identifying your audience as a writer is often a challenging part of the job. While it may be tempting to overlook this detail and write your piece without an audience in mind, the tone of your writing can vastly differ depending on your reader. Understanding your...

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What is the Value in a Book Signing?

Most new authors tend to shy away from the idea of book signings. Some may view facing a book-savvy public as an ordeal; others may simply not feel the gain worth the effort. The cost of staging the event may also be a deterrent. Despite these concerns, however, there...

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