Choosing the Right Paper Type For Your Book

Every stage of publishing your book requires you to make an informed decision. Choosing the right paper type is yet another important choice you will have to make as it determines the overall look of your book. Broadly speaking, paper type can be divided into two...

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How To Find The Right Printer For Your Book

Self-Publishing means making a lot of decisions and putting a lot of effort into your success. As a self-publishing author, you need to be constantly marketing, gauging your audience, and making yourself visible in the field. You don’t get to take a day off; you’re...

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Deciding between a hardcover or paperback book cover

Hard or soft sell? Choosing your book cover A substantial heavyweight that needs its own table or a frequent flyer that fits easily into cabin baggage? Your choice of a hard or paperback book cover will largely be determined by cost, print run and genre. Before making...

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The Importance of Nailing Your Book Cover Design

Chances are that whether you are at the bookstore, supermarket or airport the books that catch your attention first will be the ones with the most unique, eye-catching or interesting covers. In short, appearance matters! A great book cover is a crucial part of...

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To Use or Not To Use A Dust Jacket

One of the big decisions about publishing your book has to do with whether or not you want to release physical copies or simply stick to electronic copies. Once you have decided to print physical copies of your books, you have to decide whether or not you want a dust...

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Book Design Dos and Don’ts

Many authors come to the publishing stages with very little vision for their cover. When you have put so much time into writing your book, it can be easy to let the cover design slip your mind. When readers pick up your book, as much as we wish it weren't the case,...

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How To Choose The Best Font For Your Cover

If you've ever looked at a book cover, you may know that there are some aspects to design that go beyond what looks good. The old adage is that a reader should never judge a book by its cover, but if a book is designed correctly, that's exactly what you'll want!...

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Beginning Your Publishing Project

Oftentimes I’m asked what materials I’ll need before a project is submitted to me for design and printing. When it comes to printing and publishing material, there are some aspects of the job that are particularly important. If you’re getting ready to submit your publication for printing or design, please look over these frequently asked questions about what I may need before your project begins.

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