5 Steps To An Effective Book Review Strategy

Reviews. Everyone wants them, but they don’t always seem to have the biggest effect on a book marketing campaign. One of the issues is that not all book review strategies are set up for success. Here are five steps to follow to ensure you run a successful book review...

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What’s in a name? Should non-fiction authors use pen names?

Pen names (or ‘nom de plume’ as they were originally known) continue to be a popular device in a writer’s toolbox. Authors may choose to use one to create a more original, memorable name which they hope may attract greater interest in their book. Alternatively they...

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Why use a tagline?

Together with the title and cover, good taglines can in seconds influence a potential reader to pick up your book or click on its image. So if a few short words can help sell your book then it’s well worth spending time and effort to come up with a good tagline.  ...

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Are You Ready To Start Your Marketing & PR Strategy?

I don’t have to tell you that marketing and Public Relations (AKA PR) can make or break your book launch (and long-term sales). If you’re not actively trying to connect with your target audience in meaningful ways, then it will be hard for you to grow your fan base....

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What is the Value in a Book Signing?

Most new authors tend to shy away from the idea of book signings. Some may view facing a book-savvy public as an ordeal; others may simply not feel the gain worth the effort. The cost of staging the event may also be a deterrent. Despite these concerns, however, there...

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Should you blog as an author and what do you write about?

You’ve probably done a lot of work (or are doing it now) writing a spectacular book and getting it ready for publishing. Now, you need to market your book and get people interested in what you have to say. You should get active on social media, build your media list,...

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Building an Engaged Audience for Your Writing

Before your book is ever ready for the presses, especially when you’re considering self-publishing, there’s a fair amount of legwork that has to be done. I’m not talking about the time it’s going to take you to ensure that your book is well-written and that you’re taking on a genre that you understand like the back of your hand; at least, it certainly doesn’t end there. When it comes to creating a successful literary endeavor, one aspect that cannot be ignored is the matter of readership. In order to create buzz and the income that you’re hoping follows, you need to create an engaged community of readers.

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The Benefits of Public Speaking for Authorpreneurs

As an authorpreneur it is easy to get caught up in the digital web of social media and technology platforms.  They are, of course, great marketing tools and can bring about huge benefits. But remember that, no matter what your genre, the best marketing tool is...

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Why you need an author website

Publishing looks a lot different than it used to. Authors spent so much time fighting for a coveted spot on a well-known publisher’s roster, who would then do so much of the leg work for them promoting a book and getting the word out there. Self-publishing is more...

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