The Pros and Cons of Translating your book

Depending on the genre of your book, you might consider whether it’s worthwhile getting it translated into another language and therefore exposing it to a potentially much bigger audience. The world is changing rapidly and what might be a relatively small market today...

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Reality Check: How to Manage Your Expectations

The dreamer in you may already have started to imagine a single digit place on the NY Times best seller list or a book signing where security guards have to be brought in to manage the crowds. If these thoughts are filling your head, you may want to take a step back...

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Registering your ISBN

As an aspiring author, you may find yourself wondering what an ISBN is, what it means and how you can obtain one for your book. An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number, which is a thirteen-digit number that works to identify your book specifically against all...

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What to Consider When Pricing Your Book

Pricing can be one of the hardest things to get right when self-publishing. To a new writer it may seem as complex as how airlines come up with their fares. To help ensure your book lands on the right shelf with the right price ticket consider the following: Define...

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When is the best time to publish your book?

One of the advantages of being a self-publishing author is greater flexibility in terms of writing, marketing and publishing your book. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you can ignore certain timelines or optimum publishing opportunities. Much of the time your genre...

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The Rise of the Authorpreneur

The Urban Dictionary defines an authorpreneur as being “an author who creates a written product, participates in creating their own brand, and actively promotes that brand through a variety of outlets.” There has never been a better time to be an authorpreneur....

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Publishing Costs: Print Books vs E-Books

As an author, there comes a time when a decision needs to be made whether to publish a print or digital version (or both) of the book. While most people would assume that publishing an e-book is less costly than publishing a print book, that may not necessarily be the...

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