The Do’s and Don’ts of Self-publishing

There are so many Do's and Don'ts, here are just a few... Do your homework - Don’t assume that everything that you find on the internet (in terms of publishing services) are the same. Personally, as I have done my research of what is being offered out there, no two...

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Self Publishing: How Many Books Do I Print?

If you're considering self-publishing for the first time, there are a lot of questions in your mind about the do's and don'ts. When it comes to the question of printing physical books, there are many different opinions on the right way to approach this, but your...

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What Every Writer Should Know About Galley Copies

You might think that the term 'galley' is simply a boating term, but you don't have to grab an oar to launch yourself towards success in your writing career. A galley copy of your book is a copy intended to give away for free. Galley copies are also known as 'advanced...

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Hiring Support When Self-Publishing

Once you’ve decided to self publish, it’s important to sit down and decide which aspects of your book to handle yourself, and which aspects you’d like to outsource. When it comes to self-publishing, the least expensive option is definitely to handle everything on your own. When it comes to producing a professional looking book however, inexpensive should not always be the deciding factor.

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Getting Ready to Seek a Publisher

When you’ve finished your book and you’re beginning to think you’re ready to begin seeking a publisher, it can be challenging to know if you’re truly ready. You may feel nervous and apprehensive about embarking on the self-publishing journey, and you may find it difficult to prepare for something that you’ve never done before. If you’re considering stepping into self-publishing your piece, here are a few tips to ensure that you’re on the right track before you take the big leap.

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Questions To Ask About Self-Publishing

Self-publishing is an endeavor that can often feel like there are more questions than answers. Once you’ve decided to self-publish your book, you may have so many questions that you don’t even know which are the most important to ask. Take a deep breath, first of all, and congratulate yourself on making it this far. You’ve written your book and you’ve done enough research to decide that self-publishing is the way to go to get your piece to the masses. Here are some of the questions that you should be asking and the answers that you might be looking for.

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The Differences Between Print and E-Books

There is no denying that publishing is changing. No matter what your niche, you already know that publishing a book is easier than ever before. Unfortunately that means that making money on your publications is harder than it’s ever been. There is so much to consider in the world of publishing, it can be hard to decide what the right option is for your book and your writing career. Have you been wondering about the differences between e-publishing and print publishing? In this post, I aim to explain the most important differences in these two very popular approaches to publishing written works.

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Which is Right for Me: Print or Digital?

When you’re reaching completion of your book, you start to feel as though you’re crossing the finish line. There is pride in the completed project, as there should be, after so many laborious hours spent writing, proofing and editing. As you approach the moment you’ve...

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