Top Reasons to Outsource Your Editing

When it comes to publishing your work, there are some places where you may already be planning to outsource before you send your book to the presses. You may already know that your layout, graphic design and advertising would be best left to...

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Writing For Your Audience

Identifying your audience as a writer is often a challenging part of the job. While it may be tempting to overlook this detail and write your piece without an audience in mind, the tone of your writing can vastly differ depending on your reader. Understanding your...

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The Importance of Writing a Great Introduction

Savvy marketing, a killer cover and an impressive bio are all designed to capture the interest of a writer’s target market. But once potential readers have the book in their hands then the first page or so will either lure them into reading further and buying it, or...

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Merits of Multiple Author Books

Sometime back a friend and I lightly discussed writing a book together about a shared interest. Our goal was to write about what we had learned over the years and offer our own perspectives and commentaries on it.  Although we have yet to get down to the mechanics of...

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Sidelining Stereotypes – The Role of Sensitivity Readers

Have you ever read something that pertains to an area you are familiar with, or a group that you are part of, and felt disappointed, frustrated or even offended by how off the mark the work was? Or worse, how it pandered to demeaning stereotypes. One’s initial...

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Getting the Right Balance for Self-Publishing Authors

A Tale of Two Books I recently read two very different works which left me with two very different impressions. The first had an eye catching cover design, a clever title, and an interesting author bio. The marketing campaign had been slick and the release date...

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As an authorpreneur choosing a title is one of the most important decisions you will make.  The right title can kick-start the commercial success of your book. You don’t need to be very creative but you do have to find a unique way of expressing what your audience...

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2017 CBC NonFiction Prize

The 2017 CBC Nonfiction Prize is currently open for submissions. See below for details on how to enter. WHAT: Submit your original, unpublished works of nonfiction between 1200 and 1800 words. WHEN: Competition runs from January 1 to February 28, 2017. WHO: All...

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