You Have Decided to Write. Now what?

Congratulations you have made the decision to write. Now you have to make it happen. Publishing a book can open up a wealth of opportunities. Bear in mind, however, that in the writing world being creative does not necessarily mean you will be successful.  A healthy...

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Crunching The Numbers – How Long Should Your Book Be?

Have you ever been put off a potentially good read by the length of the book? Similarly have you dismissed a much lighter offering as probably not being informative enough?  If you have, then you will appreciate the importance of getting the length of the book right....

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Spell Check – what it is and what it is not

What is “spell check” or “spell checker”? It is a software program designed to identify misspelled words and notify the user. This notification, if using Microsoft Word, displays as a red squiggly line, and with a right click of the mouse, will have suggestions if the...

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The best workspaces for authors to write

Just as a house depends on solid foundations, establishing a good writing environment forms an important base for your development as an authorpreneur. Although literary circles abound with accounts of people writing best selling works in libraries, coffee shops and...

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The devil is in the details – why good grammar is important

People often exhibit disdain towards the use of good grammar, dismissing it as anachronistic, irrelevant, and boring! After all is there really a place for it in our fast- connecting world and the abbreviated way in which we communicate with one another these days?  ...

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Everyone Has a Story. Why Not Share Yours?

Why do people write books and what makes you decide to write one?   Firstly, the stereotypical image of someone having a “Eureka!” moment followed by hours of laborious typing that miraculously results in an overnight best-seller couldn’t be further from the truth....

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How to Work Through Writer’s Block

Everyone at some point will experience writer’s block. Whether you are just starting out or an acclaimed industry expert, writers block knows no boundaries and like an unwelcome house guest will turn up uninvited and often look like it’s going to stay a while. Broadly...

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What’s in an index: A Message to Authors

The book is finished and is ready for the press. It has an elegant layout and a beautiful cover, it has survived numerous revisions and the criticism of reviewers. It looks perfect, but at this final stage of production, an editor asks about one more thing: an index....

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