When you’re reaching completion of your book, you start to feel as though you’re crossing the finish line. There is pride in the completed project, as there should be, after so many laborious hours spent writing, proofing and editing. As you approach the moment you’ve been waiting for and your ability to truly cap your piece off with a figurative ‘The End’, you may become annoyed or overwhelmed when realizing that the task is not yet over. While the end is in sight, you have one very important decision to make; do you print your book, or release it in digital format alone?

There are a number of benefits to both digital and traditional publishing, as well as drawbacks for both. It’s important to consider your needs as a writer and those of your readers before making a decision one way or the other when it comes to publishing your book.  Digital publishing is often more cost effective for a writer than sending a book to print, allowing these savings to be passed on to readers. This is often a great way for first time publishers to get a feel and understanding of their audience before jumping headlong into a commitment.

One of the main differences between traditional publishing and digital is the distribution factor. When you’re working with a publisher, one of the main perks is the connectivity. A publisher usually has access to a larger network within which to shop your book, and while this doesn’t take the need away for you to work hard at marketing yourself, it definitely helps to have a wide distribution. Some authors are already well on their way to a large distribution market; those with successful blogs and plenty of followers on social media may not need the aid of a traditional publisher; those just starting out can see this as an opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Self-Publishing offers authors an advantage that many authors before us could only dream of. We are able to get our book into the world faster and easier than ever before. Whether you choose traditional publishing or digital, you’re reaching a world of people with your message, and ultimately the method with which you do so is entirely up to you.