It’s nearing the time to update your book. Why would you have another edition instead of a reprint? That’s when you have information in your book that might be out of date. Or information that is no longer accurate as the last edition. Also you, in essence, still have a few copies of your last edition available and still selling, so your next edition would in essence be “competing” with the last edition until it’s sold out.

Just like writing your book, compile all the additions that you want to add to this new edition. Then have a meeting with your typesetter to let them know about the changes, especially if you’re adding or removing chapters, front/back, etc. This will allow them to let you know the costs involved to make those changes. But you should anticipate at least 3 hours minimum. You’ve got the opportunity to correct things that you found in the last edition that was discovered after it was printed/published.


  • Take your last proof of the last edition, make your correction directly on it. Adobe Acrobat has the ability for you to markup and “edit” for your typesetter.
  • Reviewing this new edition is just as important as the last edition. You cannot assume that your designer/typesetter have the latest version (especially if you’re the one that gave a million revisions to your designer the first time round).
  • REMEMBER to get a new ISBN number for this new edition. All the rules of submitting your copies of your book (and uploading your eBook) to Archives Canada.