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Publishing Costs: Print Books vs E-Books

As an author, there comes a time when a decision needs to be made whether to publish a print or digital version (or both) of the book. While most people would assume that publishing an e-book is less costly than publishing a print book, that may not necessarily be the case. When deciding on whether to take the digital or print route, there are numerous factors that needs to be considered.READ MORE


5 Concrete Ways to Curate Your About Page


As a writing coach and mentor to entrepreneurs and creatives, I’ve learned that most people would rather be stuck in a snowstorm than write content for their website—especially if it’s about themselves. “I’m a really bad writer,” or “I really hate writing about myself,” are just two of the things I hear small business owners routinely say. Yet, in most cases I’ve found that these statements are rarely the truth.

In other words, the person who says they’re a “really bad writer” is typically a decent writer, yet perhaps she was told as a child that she wasn’t any good, or maybe she had a language teacher in school who embarrassed her when he asked her to read a poem she’d written in front of the class.

And, what about the entrepreneur who doesn’t like writing about himself or herself?

I think that part of the reason is because it forces entrepreneurs and business owners to take a good, long look at their motivations for starting their business in the first place. No easy task!



The Differences Between Print and E-Books

There is no denying that publishing is changing. No matter what your niche, you already know that publishing a book is easier than ever before. Unfortunately that means that making money on your publications is harder than it’s ever been. There is so much to consider in the world of publishing, it can be hard to decide what the right option is for your book and your writing career. Have you been wondering about the differences between e-publishing and print publishing? In this post, I aim to explain the most important differences in these two very popular approaches to publishing written works.READ MORE