There are many vehicles to success. Different fields and people may well have different definitions as to what can propel you in the right direction. In the self-publishing world, however, there are a few ground rules which you should try and adhere to if you want to build a successful brand. These are: continuity, consistency and collaboration.


  • As an authorpreneur the onus is really down to you.  To keep on track and make sure your efforts bear fruit you need to establish continuity.  
  • Try and set aside a certain time or block of time every day for writing and marketing.  Draw up a timetable that works for you and stick to it! This helps not just with your thought processes but the overall organization of your brand. Building a platform requires sustained effort.
  • If you are self-promoting through social media make sure you post frequent updates. Monitor daily or as often as possible.
  • If you are blogging, make sure your blog posts are issued regularly and follow similar formats. People will soon lose interest if you post twice in one week then nothing for a month.
  • Even after the book is written, marketing takes time. A well-planned campaign to market, advertise and launch your book will not work well if there is no continuity in the process. The development of your brand depends on this.
  • Establishing continuity is often challenging and involves a lot of self-discipline but a lack of it can be detrimental to the quality and overall success of your book.



  • Poor writing, frequent grammatical errors, inconsistent spelling and terms can all detract from the professionalism of your work and consequently the chances of success. Pay attention!
  • Keep formatting and layout clear and consistent. Ensure styles, chapter headings, tabulations, diagrams, page numbers, references etc are set out in the same way.  
  • Check your facts and stick to them. Cross reference carefully and accurately.
  • Be organized and logical. Lack of organization makes reading arduous and off-putting.
  • If you have spent considerable time on a stand-out title and a great cover design you do not want the contents of the book to fall short through inconsistencies.
  • Social media is not a license for laziness. Consistency is just as important here especially if you are posting regularly. Don’t be caught out!



  • If you are using professional editors and designers, consult with them often. Make sure you are all on the same page (pun not intended) in terms of requirements. Get their input and work together to ensure a good quality end-product.
  • Your print consultant is a hugely valuable resource.  Explain what you have in mind. Listen to their advice and recommendations and take it on board.  They are professionals.
  • Establish regular contact with everyone connected to helping you publish your book. Even the most experienced authorpreneurs need help from experts. The better the collaboration the more efficient and successful the whole process will be.

Don’t let yourself down, and don’t cheat your target audience by doing a less than a stellar job.  They won’t return for an encore if so. Keep the three Cs in mind when researching, writing and publishing your book.  

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Mary Vaux-ClarkMary Vaux-Clark is a freelance editor, proof-reader and writer. Her areas of interest include current affairs, travel, history and sport. She has travelled widely and worked in Hong Kong as an editor and ESL teacher for over ten years.