It’s such an exciting time to be an author!

Writers can now self-publish, which gives them more freedom and control over their work than ever before. However, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility.
Nowadays, the self-published writer’s role goes well beyond completion of the manuscript. Now there’s branding, marketing and selling to explore. And if you’re a savvy self-published author, you’ll want to pay close attention to these branding facts.

Do not skimp on design
We’ve all heard the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover. Ironically, when it comes to books and their covers, nothing can be further from the truth. Take great care in designing the inside and outside of your book so that it looks professional and is easy to read. The same goes for the design of your website, business cards, print marketing and promotional materials. Naturally, your book’s content is most important, but the harsh reality is, if it isn’t packaged properly, it just won’t get read.

Know your brand BEFORE you publish
Branding is not an afterthought. Branding shapes every aspect of your publication, even its content. Branding should be on your mind the second after you know what your book is about. Who is your target audience? Where are these people, what values do they have, what do they want to know and how can you effectively reach them? Know who you are writing for and start building hype and interest in your book early… maybe even before it’s finished.

Brand yourself, not just your book
Your personal brand is important. Your personal brand IS your brand. Readers will buy your book if they believe in you and trust you as an expert. So the values you preach, the lifestyle you lead, and the way you present yourself all have an impact on the sale of your book.

Go beyond
There are many avenues whereby you can brand yourself and your book, so don’t limit yourself. Consider doing speaking engagements and presentations. Write a blog and engage on social media. Network, advertise, start a public relations campaign. Sky’s the limit!

Need a hand with your book’s branding and marketing? Contact Kim Speed at Purple Moon Creative today! Kim also presented at Author Summit 2015 on June 6, 2015!


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Kim Speed is the founder and creative director of Purple Moon Creative. Kim has a great network of marketing professionals she teams up with to produce compelling work, across all media. Her cohorts include experienced writers, programmers and developers, print production specialists, social media experts, photographers and illustrators who help bring creative concepts to life and build vibrant, successful brands.