Have you already had an author signing? Are you at a tradeshow selling your book? Do you have everything you need to make your table/booth look its best? Here are some tips and ideas of what you need at a tradeshow.

Being an author is as much of a brand as a company. You need to be sure that you’re consistent when it comes to how you’re representing yourself and/or your book when you’re in the public eye.


Pull up banners are the best and most economical way to make your book launch/tour/signing etc look great. It’s like a portable pop-up booth. Most of these banners run $199-299 and come with a carrying case. You can have one banner to one side of your table, or better yet, two flanking the end of the table.

Backdrops, step & repeats, photo/media walls are another option. They are significant, but can provide you the most impact. You’re looking over $900 for the smallest one we have, but you can make it the most memorable booth at the show.

Promo products and/or giveaways

Bookmarks and postcards are the most common and the most cost effective to let people know who you are and what your book is about. You can have different ones for your current books or your upcoming book.

Of course giving away a branded product can very well get you a better and/or longer retention with the audience. But this can cost you quite a bit. You’re talking about $0.50 – $10 per piece. So make sure that you’re doing something that goes with your brand and/or theme. As well, you’re probably looking to limit how many you give away. So think about collecting email addresses and/or mobile numbers to build your list in exchange for your “gift”.

Sitting or Standing

Generally, when you’re at a trade show, it’s best to be standing at your booth. It makes you more approachable. If you’re doing a book signing, try to get someone else there with you that is standing. You can have them bring people to your booth.

Overall, don’t make your table or booth look too busy or crowded. Keep it simple and remember to show off the best side of you.

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