One of the most important questions that a writer can ask herself is why she is writing at all. Everyone who writes has a different answer to this question, and in fact the answer can quite often change depending on when it’s asked. When facing a deadline, we may say that we’re writing to make ends meet. Some days, we may feel that we’re writing to share knowledge, some days we may be writing to get something off our chest, some days we’ve crumpled up so many scrap pieces of paper that we can’t even remember why it is that we’re writing.

When you sit down and think about your book, or your career as a writer, do you know why you’re doing what you do? Why do you get up and slave away, day in and day out over the piece that you’ve picked? What made you want to sit down and tackle the subject matter that you have?

There are many reasons for a writer to write, but identifying your reasons can give you a better understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. This can set you on the right track for capturing the essence of what your writing is about. Understanding why you’re writing can help you decide who your potential audience is going to be.

Once you understand your reason for writing, you can begin to ask what you’re planning to do with your writing once you are done. This will allow you to better understand your intensions for your finished product. If you’re writing your piece for yourself, you may want to hold off on publishing it; you can save time on editing and laying out your work. If you’re writing your piece with the intention of teaching something to the world, you know you’re going to need to put more time into the aesthetics of the piece. You may decide that the piece you’re currently working on is actually a partner to something else you have in mind, which can be a great start for a blog or social media outreach.

When you have a clear idea of your desired end result, it allows you greater freedom in your writing on the way to your end game! Remember that there are many paths to your destination, as long as you know where you’re heading.

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